At Kiddylicious, our mission is to create delicious meals and snacks that have a positive impact on growing babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers everywhere.

To help us achieve this we've worked closely with Registered Nutritionist Laura Matthews (BSc, MSc, RNutr). Laura worked for almost 10 years as Head of Nutrition for Jamie Oliver and prior to this a further 5 years in the food and nutrition industry. Laura is also Mum to Elliott and she combines her professional expertise and her first-hand experience to help us ensure that our food is tailored to meet all baby and toddler specific nutritional needs.

Early in 2018 I started working closely with Kiddylicious in a number of way including: developing their nutrition and health standards, advising on current nutritional topics (e.g. Public Health England calorie guidance); interpreting public health advice and nutrition guidelines (e.g. impact of salt to children’s health and the recent sugar targets retrospectively) and supporting the development of new products to their range to ensure products for babies, toddlers and young children are not only tasty but also reach their nutritional needs.

As a mum, I’m so pleased to be working closely with Kiddylicious as they are keen to constantly challenge themselves to keep raising their standards and ensure products are the best they can be nutritionally whether that be on portion control, ingredients, food labelling or nutritional content.